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Hawaii trip


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??/04/99 San Francisco (Visit Connie with my mom and wife); Hawaii too.


Almanac (info) on Hawaii

1st US trip

History of Hawaii

In the mid-1800s, descendants of the missionaries established Hawaii's sugar industry. The declining native population meant plantation owners soon began to look overseas for a labor supply. Laborers were recruited from China, then Japan, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Korea and finally from the Philippines. As Hawaii's sugar industry grew, the USA became more integral in the affairs of the Hawaiian islands. As a means of eliminating tariffs, the plantation owners announced a provisional government which eventually led to the overthrow of the monarchy and established Hawaii as a territory of the USA in 1900.

Hawaii was a native kingdom throughout most of the 19th century, when the expansion of the vital sugar industry (pineapple came after 1898) meant increasing U.S. business and political involvement. In 1893, Queen Liliuokalani was deposed and a year later the Republic of Hawaii was established with Sanford B. Dole as president. Then, following its annexation in 1898, Hawaii became a U.S. territory in 1900.

What flag is this? Not a British one! It is Hawaii flag!!


The first king of Hawaii: King Kamehameha or Kamehameha the Great (The black in gold): 360-angle view (Ruler of the Hawaiian Kingdom from 1795-1819):

The Statue of King Kamemeha the Great fronting the Judicial Building and Iolani Royal Palace in Honolulu. The original statue of King Kamehameha now stands at his birthplace in Kapa`au, Kohala on the Big Island of Hawaii. Originally, each Hawaiian island was ruled by a different king. By 1810, all the islands were united under his rule. Hawaii paid tribute to his passing on May 8, 1819.

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4/99 Hawaii?!~~~ : - ) But in Hawaii, I saw racial discrimation and the oppression of the natives by the white.

Current weather conditions at Honolulu, Hawaii below.

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A family on vacation; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Dancers, who are University students, tried to earn their intuition fees by acting. But the natives love really big fat women. So don't believe the advertisement with white supermodels. You will not see these in Hawaii! All lies except the beautiful Nature.

Photos of the ships before Pearl Harbor was Attacked

War on Pearl Harbor 7 Dec 1941

Gondolas in Venice; Actual size=240 pixels wide

An submarine for tourists in pearl harbor. The "tragedy" in it has reflected God's grace: the Japanese has not destroyed all the oil tanks in it; or the whole base will be totally demolished. Another extra grace: after the defeat in pearl harbor, the US navy has created a world record: with an inferior navy (many inexperienced) and less aircraft carriers, it sank 4 Japanese aircraft carriers with only one US aircrafe carrier lost in midway Island on June 4th.

Introduction to Midway Island

Midway Island Photo Archive

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