Enid and Philip Yim


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Macau trip

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This trip is for the celebration of my birthday.

Near where we stay in Macau. In this trip, I am glad to visit Madison's tomb and learn more Macau history from the tour guide from a church. I have a chance to talk with my former lecturer, Dr. Poon whom I have taken as one of the greatest modern saint I have ever met. I can see what is real holiness from his life: filled with humble, kindness, prayer, concern about people, endurance, always ready to help, and many more....

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Roman Catholic Basilica's wall left after a great fire.

Plaza in Macau, famous for its mosaic on the ground, European style.


Morrison Chapel (Macau; Anglican)

A renowned remain of a basilica, Roman Catholic church can be found behind Enid. Under it, there are tombs for the missionaries. On the wall of it, the sculptures are still preaching the stories of the Bible. Each tourist guide will carefully tell you about the meaning of different sculptures. It has become a way to preach! (by someone who are paid by tourists!) Special works are done by the Lord Himself. Don't take it for granted, God is working in miraculous way: please check my story on witness in "holy land" section.

Macau is the place where the first protestant missionary, Morrison, has come to witness.
The grace of the Lord has shown through these.
But the churches in Macau have to strive through lack of finance, workers, slow growth Christians, political and economic changes, social unrestness now.
Please pray for them.