Enid and Philip Yim


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I have seen a lot of miracles in my Christian life.

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The above is a presentation on Christian love.

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On the Nature.

1) Once when we have a fun fair to attract non-Christians; but there are rains within the two weeks. We are praying in the playground with rains dropping on us; but after the prayer the rains have ceased and after that fun fair; the rain continues to fall for many days; the only non-raining long hours are found on that period.

2) Very strong wind and rains have stopped the aeroplane which Mr. Mak's sister was on. This was the only chance he could meet his sister for so many years; he prayed that God will help him and this was answered with only this particular time is stopped and he could meet her.

3) I was in a gospel camp; but suddenly the typhoon number 8 was hoisted and we had to leave the camp; but since it was too late in the night; we waited for tomorrow. I prayed that the typhoon will be gone tomorrow (a crazy prayer); but when I woke up next day; the typhoon had made a new record in Hong Kong which dis-appeared so soon (never seen before). It had been on the land already and the typhoon was dying down.

On diseases, life and death.

1. A young University has a sudden brain bleeding and is in coma. Though every doctor says she will not live, but the prayer of the Christians around the world. She is now learning to walk again!!!!

Details on her story and updated situation