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Prayer Request

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Personal prayer requests

1) We have just bought a flat and we are trying to get the 30% of the price as the first payment to the seller. All the payment will be settled on 12th August 2000 and completely settled on 15th August 2000. We hope that we can move soon after that day; but the labor force may not be enough.

Result: We have moved to the new place now; but the moving is done by experts which we have to pay for it. It is very nice now; and maybe later we can put some photos on the web.

The floor plan of the new flat is added below. Look for the Flat G (G - Girl). At the bottom, the left and orange one.

Click on the map to get a larger one.

floor plan of my new flat

Info. on my new flat given by the company (in Chinese)

2) I am trying to find a suitable pastor job (I don't want my wife to take all the financial pressure).
3) Future vision for my carreer.
4) Cynthia, who has been in coma before, recovers soon. (http://quickly.to/cynthia)

1/9/2000 I have taken the minister-in-charge post in Kai Tak Christian Church.

Please pray for my new adaptation and the growth of this church.
Please pray for my translation of the book on spirituality. (I have less time so I have asked many to help me.)
Please pray for my study in Th. D. (New Testament).

Link to Kai Tak Christian Church's webpage (Chinese Big-5 code)

31/8/2000 update: Cynthia is learning to walk again and her memory is recovered gradually.

heaven.jpg; click on it will link to Tirtha Thapa's organization, HDCS

Cynthia who has been in coma (intercessors' webpage)

5) Please pray for my classmate, Edward and Winnie To who are now missionaries of OMF to Thailand. They are on furlough now (back to Hong Kong).
Please pray for the adaptation and study to improve their ability.
Pray that their two lovely daughters can find a suitable school for this year. (updates: they have found a suitable one. Thanks God!)

Missionaries: Edward and Winnie To; click on it will lead to their mission society: OMF

Link to OMF

Organizational Needs:

Tirtha Thapa's organization: Human Development and Community Services (HDCS) in English

1) Nepali Organization found by my best friend, Tirtha Thapa, in Nepal. Pray that the ministry will be filled by the power of the Holy Spirit, the support from Christians inside and outside Nepal, and blessed and used by the Lord Himself.

2) The members and pastors of Wo Lok Baptist Church are blessed continually by the Lord Himself.

Morrison Chapel (Macau, Anglican)

My former lecturer (in Evangel Theological Seminary), Rev. Dr. Poon works in Anglican church in Macau.
The churches in Macau have to strive through lack of finance, workers, slow growth Christians, political and economic changes, social unrestness now.
Please pray for them.

Prayer request e-mails for your needs

WPN prayer request --- wpn@worldprayer.org
prayerequest --- prayerequest@egroups.com
ineedaprayer --- ineedaprayer@strotman.com

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