Enid and Philip Yim


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Holy Land trip

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flag of Israel: animated flag

Before and after this trip we have done a lot of research. I will list more details later.

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Jerusalem (means "City of Peace" which has
never been "in peace" except "in God's Peace".)

golden-dome.jpg (The Original Temple lies somewhere below it.)

Golden Dome: The Original Temple lies
somewhere below it.
Actually, there is a tunnel in the west wall which leads to the earth very near to this temple. Due to the political problem, it is impossible to dig any further. This tunnel will lead you to the same level of ground which Jesus has once put his foot on.

Animated flag of Egypt

Enid & Philip under the Great Pyramid

We are under the Great Pyramid.

Colorful photos and description on the Great Pyramid

Data on Eygpt

Info on Egypt

pyramid-enid.jpg; Enid is near to the entrance of the pyramid.

Enid is near the entrance of the pyramid.

Egypt - the land of Muslims has become a land of witness. In the tourist group I traveled with, there was a family who were non-Christians, all other members are Christians. When we arrived Egypt in the night about 12:00 am (mid-night), all of us were tired. But the son of this family had lost his luggage, hours were spent on that matter without any solution. The luggage was missing; but the Egyptians did not know where it was. We tried to help, supported and settled their feelings. All the members were waiting patiently without any complaint. On the contrary, they showed their support with practical help. The family was deeply touched and really saw the differences in Christian life. The father had changed his attitude after that and was very glad that they travelled with a group of loving Christians.

Visiting the Holy Land will NOT make you holy
unless you go with a heart of seeking HIS face
instead of tourist fun.