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Greece trip

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Animated flag of Greece.

On the small hill in Athen lies a sacred city, the Acropolis (means city on high).

Greek Temple at Acrospolis.

The Parthenon (Temple of goddess Athena) in Acrospolis, Athen.

Parthenon is built of Pendelic marble in the Doric Style (Oldest style with no decoration on the column.) It took 15 years to build (447-432B.C.).

Greek smaller temple at Acrospolis, Athen

Smaller Greek Temple in Acrospolis, Athen.

The Erechtheum (a temple dedicated to the mythical hero-king Erechtheus, later identified with Poseidon, who was told losing the contest with goddess Athen in contested for the protection of Athens) and the famous Caryatids.

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On the Poros Island of Greece

Orthodox Resources

Greek Orthodox church in Aegina Island

Greek Orthodox church in Aegina Island

Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

Saint Vasilios Greek Orthodox Church (Massachusetts, USA)

History of Orthodox Church

Our guide in one of the Greece Island is a pious Eastern Orthodox Christian; and a home-maker (mid-wife).