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What's New

23.9.2001 --- New experience in other types of worship in different churches...

_9.9.2001 --- I plan to study Th. D. full time for several months.

31.8.2001 --- I have spent more time to take a rest;

_9.8.2001---- Just back from KK, Sabah (where I have my honeymoon) with all my siblings' and their kids.


Coming soon:

A new pages on the info on the Holy Land, Egypt and Greece will soon be available.

Plus, "New Home" may have a panaroma view later (I am still working on that.)


Welcome to our personal web site!

Our Trips:

13/11/89 ---- Honey Moon trip to Kota Kinabalu (City of the Holy Mountain) in Seba of Malaysia. [in "Honey Moon"]

30/06/95 ---- Second Honest Month (same wife; 5th Anniversary) to Tioman Island, Malaysia. & Singapore [in "Honey Moon"]

??/11/96 ---- San Francisco (Visit my sister Connie); L. A. and Grand Canyon too. [in "1st US trip"]

??/07/97 ---- Holy Land (5 Countries including Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Greek, Turkey). [first three in "Holy Land"; Greek in "Greek trip"]

13/03/98 ----Korea (short trip: including visiting the largest church in the world) [in "Korea trip"]

11/08/98 ---- Macau (Philip's Birthday Trip) [in "Macau trip"]

??/04/99 ---- San Francisco (Visit Connie with my mom and wife); Hawaii too. [in "2nd US trip" and "Hawaii trip"]

09/08/01 ---- Seba of Malaysia with all my siblings. [in "Seba trip"; coming soon; 2nd times to Seba in new hotel.]]

My ICQ status:

23.9.2001 --- New experience in other types of worship in different churches enriches my Christian life. Mastering Flash is not easy and cannot achieve the expected result yet. Photoshop is not easy to master too.

_9.9.2001 --- I plan to study Th. D. full time for several months and during this period, I hope to find a suitable pastoral job. I plan to finish my translation work within two to three months. Plus, the webpage for my brother's company: Kwok Wah Motors, is in progress. I have learnt to use more software and upgrading my skills in web design.

31.8.2001 --- I have spent more time to rest; and thank for my friends who phone me to show their support and concern. I have learnt to use Flash. I plan to set up a webpage for my brother, Peter. Of course, I will use Flash on that website! Now I am still designing the layouts; the continual follow-up and daily updates of the site are the headaches I am trying to solve. Besides, Photoshop and PhotoImpact are good tools too. I have used them before; but not good at them enough to have good results. The photo on this new Sabah trip will be posted as soon as possible. Now I have to catch up with my study and the translation work on a book of spirituality. My future path is still waiting the guidance of the Lord.

19.8.2001 --- I will leave this church on this day. Please pray for the ministress (Bible woman) who has come for one month.

9.8.2001----- Just back from Kota Kinabalu (The city of the Holy Mountain), Sabah (where I have my honeymoon) with all my siblings and their kids. This time we have stayed in the new Shangri-La's Rasa Ria Resort, Kota Kinabalu (actually in Tuaran), but we have also visited and enjoyed the facility in our honeymoon hotel - Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort, Kota Kinabalu. I have a lot of new experience in this trip: first diving down to 11m, up in the sky above 200 feets, second time visit on honeymoon hotel, first all siblings' holiday trips and seeing two "Jungleman"s in life close to 5 feets. Photos and details on this trip will be available later.

8.8.2001 ---- The HKCEE (Form 5 public examination) result has a great impact on the youth fellowship members who have participated in this year. The result is ..... Please pray for them and may God guides their ways.

3.6.2001 ----- The ministress (Bible woman) has come! By the grace of God, the deacon broad has invited a pastor with a lot of experience and very nice personality. The blessing from God is great! The church has continually growth to its historical high and the trend is up and the relationship between them has improved. The witnessing power has raised to a new height and the atmosphere is very good. Please pray for some members: their parents are in severe illness; and one has passed away. The challenge from Satan is getting stronger and stronger.

22.5.2001 ---- Some parents of our members have severe diseases. But the evangelistic worship service has a lot of newcomers. We hope that more and more relatives and friends will believe in Christ.

2.4.2001 ---- 3 parents of our members have received Christ and the church has moved ups and downs. The church's worship attendance is growing up quickly and suddenly decreases rapidly and then up quickly. But the morale is higher than before. When I have just arrived, it is decreasing (due to the leave of the previous good pastor.) But thanks God for all the miracles and strength given to the members who are in difficulties and I see many of them growing in faith in the Lord's grace, miracles and many more.

28.2.2001 ---- My church's recruit of new female pastor has stopped because we have no suitable candidate now. We are still waiting for God's leading. I have tried to write an article, but lack of time to do so. Besides, my study on Th. D. has no progress. But teaching in the evening school of LTS is good, I enjoy it. My teaching on Romans in the evening school has just finished.

11.2.2001 ---- The recruit continues and has become one of the hardest choice in the church. There are totally 7 candidates with 2 rejected by us, and 2 redraw their applications. One is waiting for the 2nd interview; the other two have not yet started the first interview. But the choice is difficult; and .... Besides, I will start to teach Matthew in the coming month.

2.2001 ------- We are recruiting a Bible woman (ministress) to help in the church's work. It is nice that four ones apply, but the choice and preparation process is a difficult one. Some members' relatives are sick and a new baby is born to us. Many new projects to start: Bible reading (and spiritual reading); new adult Sunday school courses, and some other plannings.

31.1.2001 ---- I am very busy at the church's work. My family is OK and Jaco, my younger sister's son, has gone to US. My wife is of good health and has finished her course work. Taking one more subject, then she will finish her study in Statistics! My study in Th. D. is absolutely in 'slow motion'. I have become upset on that. My skills in the webdesign software are progressing though I don't have much time to read the books on that.


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Here you'll learn all about me: my interests and hobbies, the people in my family, my researches, my resume and a list of my favorite links to other sites.

Please sign my guestbook with any comments or reactions you have to my site. You can also contact me privately. I love to get mail! (But don't send Spasm e-mails to me!)

The trips I have with my charming and supportive wife.

??/11/99 ---- Macau (Westin Hotel) [in "Macau trip"]

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Joyful Couple: Philip & Enid

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What's New?

4/9 New info on my church is added.

2/9 More info on my new flat and other info are added.
Link to my new church's webpage (Kai Tak Christian Church) is added.

Link to Kai Tak Christian Church's webpage (Chinese Big-5 code)

7/8 More links for info and automatically played music are added. The downloaded files will be available soon.

1/8 "Miracles" section is added with more testimony. Besides, I add three 'presentation" files which encourage Christians.

26/7 There are some problems accessing to this page since last time; but after that I have continually to update; so I think it is not good to write more about this since I have been continually updating it.

29-30/6 New animated gif objects are added. More details and photos and links are added.

Added new section with many photos: "2nd US trip", "Holy Land trip", "Greek trip", "Macau trip", "Korea trip". "Honey Moon"

Plus new feature: current weather situation in the place I have visited on corresponding page.

I have made a new page for my friend, Tirtha Thapa's organization, Human Development and Cummuity Services, in Nepal. It is a joint-force effort of Nepali Christians to witness to Nepali by means of helping them in needs.

New subsection, "Tropics for discussion", is added in "My Research" section.

Human Development and Communty Services (in Nepal)

24/6/2000 New pages and photos on "Hawaii trip" & "1st US trip" are added and new "testimony and calling" section.

23/6/2000 Added new entry in my research (B. Th) section; and some other re-arrangment. New info on the education and working experience. New photos in vacation and family will be coming. Besides, the downloadable files of the research files will be available soon.

22/6/2000 - Added music in each page and new photos in "about me" and research papers uploaded.
But the format is a big problem, I will solve all the problems and let you download them all later.
22/6/2000 - Added the new "prayer request".
21/6/2000 - Added new photos in "family photo" page
21/6/2000 - Added new photos in "vacation photo album" page.