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My Resume


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I am Philip Yim Kwok Hung


To find a fulfilling career that is following the Lord's guidance and will.

Working Experience

11/96 - present
Lutheran Theological Seminary (Part-time Lecturer) : Teaching Romans and Matthew


9.1998 - present
Doctor of Theology studies

(SAGST, Hong Kong Area- Lutheran Theological Seminary) (still studying) area: New Testament

9.1994 - 00.6.1997
Master of Theology
(SAGST, Hong Kong Area- Lutheran Theological Seminary)
9.1992 - 29.5.1994
Master of Divinity
Lutheran Theological Seminary
9.1985 - 05.6.1989
Bachelor of Theology
Evangel Theological Seminary

The description of different theological degrees.

Library and Theological Resources (LTS)

M. Div. graduation photo

Other Education or studies

8/1981 Elementary Commercial Studies at Baptistmal Commercial School
8/1982 French at Alliance Francaise
3/1984 Certificate of Computer Studies (Ordinary) at Dastra Computer Center
8/1998 Ordinary Certificate of Statistics (Royal Statistics Society) pass with credit

Link to Alliance Francaise in USA

Link to Royal Statistics Society (RSS)


Other misc. studies

Future Studies : (Interests)

1) Webpage Design:

2) Computer Specialist Training: MCP, MCP + I, MCSE + I)
3) Statistics: RSS High Cert. level

Cramsession study note on MCSE


Other Activities:

Webmaster ----- My personal webpage: site 1 and site 2
http://philipyim.tripod.com/main/index.html or http://philip2yim.tripod.com/pyel/

Webmaster ----- My Best Friend, Tirtha Thapa's Nepali organization: Christian effort to help the poor Nepali (Nepal).
Human Development and Community Services : site 1 and site 2
~~~~(http://philipyim.tripod.com/HDCS/) or (http://philip2yim.tripod.com/hdcs/)

Translater ----- "Seeds of Sensitivity", Life Gospel Ministry Ltd

Life Gospel Ministry (organization that advocates deeper spiritual devotion for laymen.)

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