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News Bulletin

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Human Development & Community Services (HDCS) [formerly known as Human Development Communication Service] have gathered varieties of experiences. There have been un-doubtly many successful stories to give Thanks for to all our members, partners and all of you. Since December 1999, HDCS has changed its name to Human Development & Community Services, its short form remained same. Though the name of the organization had been changed, its Vision, Mission, Values, Objectives, projects, strategies, principles and the Executive board, general members and the staffs are also same.

HDCS has been focusing on Educating the communities in different ways since its establishment and till today we are conducting Non-Formal Education, adult literacy, classes in different parts of the country. It also has programs: such as management training for church leaders, professionals and youths.

Non-formal Education program in Dhading district that has been started in September 15, 1999 and has been successfully completed recently. There were 11 classes in Jarlang, Ree and 9 classes in Salyantar. Classes in Jarlang and Ree are advance NFE classes where we have given some other tips to the participants for sustainable development. As a result they were able to establish some fund to run some income-generating program in the community. They are now able to establish poultry farm. In Salyantar, we have given basic adult literacy classes and have been completed successfully. It has been felt that programs of HDCS have put some good influence among people in the respective areas.

In the early days of HDCS, it has conducted NFE classes in North Dhading (Jharlang, Ree, Lapa, Sertung and Tipling). There were total of 20 classes each with 15-28 participants. The number of female participants was higher than male participants. It gives us an idea that female are also aware of education these days even in the most backward areas. The communities in Dhading district have been influenced through the works of HDCS. The impact of the programs of HDCS has brought some changes. They have maintained cleanliness around their houses and other things that whatever they have learnt in the NFE classes. Safe drinking water supply and a suspension bridge constructed by HDCS have made their life easier and have brought drastic changes in their own life. This had been noticed in the recent evaluation of the program by our supervisors. The evaluation of the program has been successfully completed with questionnaire, written and oral examination. The result of the evaluation examination has been given to the respective teachers and has been informed to all the participants. The answer paper has been brought to the office for keeping record.

HDCS have also organized income generation program for the local people of Lalitpur. There are five people involved in the project. Though the production of the first phase of the cultivation was not satisfying but it is giving more production in the second phase. We have been encouraged by the project as it is helping the members of the group to make some money for themselves.

HDCS' Vision is to empower communities thus it is providing skill development program in Butwal that includes carpentry and signboard painting. Meanwhile we have very limited fund for the project so we have only few participants for the project. However, we regard this as a trial project and the result of this small project will determine the future.

Besides projects, HDCS have been doing feasibility studies of different areas for different projects. Safe drinking water in Parajuli Gaun, Lamjung; NFE in Bardghat, Dolakah have been completed.

HDCS not only empower the communities; it also provides different kinds of training to its staffs. This will help the organization to strengthen its administration and the projects as well. HDCS got an opportunity to send its staffs to different training internationally and nationally. Mr. Hem Lal Puri has been sent to Thailand for one month in February 1999 for Development & Management training. Mr. Laxmi K. Baniya, Mr. John Nepal and Ms. Bishnu Singh were sent to take part in micro saving and credit training program in Dhaka in October 1999. Similarly Ms. Anugraha Sharma took part in Proposal Writing Training in UMN Headquarter in October, 1999. Mr. Naryan Maharjan and Mr. Manohar Pathak also took part in organizational development training provided by UMN. It is seen that some of our staffs got an opportunity to take part in different training and these training have been very effective and helpful for the organization.

Lamjung Community Hospital: The recent development of this hospital is quite encouraging. All the concerned parties agreed to upgrade the existing government district hospital for the optimal use of resources. The district level leaders registered the community NGO named Lamjung Integrated Community Health Center (LICHC) in Lamjung District Administrative Office. Agreement between His Majesty's Government of Nepal, HDCS and LICHC has been drafted and submitted to the Ministry of Health. Various parties have visited Lamjung and there are few who are interested to support the Lamjung project. Mr. Bernhard Schulze, former Chairman of TEAM Nepal has been coordinating with MMD (a joint venture organization of Switzerland, Germany and France). The team of seven board members of MMD visited Lamjung and has made commitment to provide partial support. We will possibly enter into agreement with this organization.

A group of Phillipinoes is coming in September who will help in community development until the hospital is functional as community hospital. There are two nurses and one community development expert coming in this group.

NFE Program in Dolakha & Bardghat: From the month of August 2000, HDCS is starting basic NFE classes in Dolakha and Bardghat. In Dolakha HDCS is working in partnership with ECARD (a local NGO). Classes will be conducted among the Thami Community which is one of the most backward communities of the country. There will be total 40 NFE classes in these two places.

We praise God for his tremendous blessings in the organization. God is really faithful to us and he will never put his disciples into shame. With continuous prayer and suggestions from our friends HDCS made a good progress within a very short span of time.

There are twenty-three different programs designed for next five-years. They fall on the following characters:

  • Formal and Non-Formal Education
  • Agriculture/ Farming
  • Safe Drinking Water
  • Children Development Program
  • Consultations & Workshops
  • Public awareness programs on HIV/AIDS, Public health and sanitation, drug addicts etc.
  • Health camps
  • Training and development program i.e. Professional & Church Management Training, Skill Development Training etc.
  • Care and Compassion for victims of natural disaster

Finally HDCS Executive board, members and the staffs would like to express sincere gratitude to all of our friends, partners and the communities for their support in bringing HDCS to this stage. We hope to build a good relationship in the days to come and also hope that you will remember us in your prayers continuously. We hope for your moral, financial and prayerful support.


(June 28 2001)
Presently, Mr. Narayan Maharjan (HDCS Chairman), Manohar
Pathak (Finance Director) and Tirtha B. Thapa are visiting the Health Ministry at least once a day regarding the agreement for Lamjung Hospital.

The Cabinet meeting (Government) might be held on Monday, the 2nd of July to finalize the project for Lamjung Hospital.

Please pray that it will be blessed by the Lord.